Main color: Black Age: six years 7 mnths 3wks
Main color: Orange Tabby Second color: White Age: 3 yrs 7 months 3wks
Main color: Black Age: 6 yrs 7 months 1wks
Main color: Tabby Age: 3 years 7 months 1wks
Main color: Grey Tabby Age: 2 yrs 7 mnths 1wks
I found her on the street - she was almost was hit by a car. I took her in and had her spayed. She is very affectionate and needs a loving home.
Main color: Grey Second color: Tabby Age: one years 5 months 0wks
Val and Valentina are 2 extra sweet kitties! They love every person they meet. Val likes to hide out of sight in a cozy spot for naps, but when he notices people in the room, he'll always come out for attention. He's young and playful, but he doesn't mind stopping playtime for some snuggles. Valentina is older and calmer, but feels the same way about attention. She sits in plain view, waiting f...
Alien may not come from another planet, but his personality is out of this world! He just wants to be everybody's best friend. Cuddles, kisses, playtime, and naptime are all very important to him. Alien will purr all day while you pet him, and won't mind at all if you want to pick him up. He's a super chill, happy-go-lucky cat who adores people and is fine with other kitties. If you have lots o...
Whiskers is just the most precious old guy you'll ever meet. You'll find him napping peacefully on the couch or in a cozy bed, but as soon as someone's there to pet him, he's up and purring! All he needs is a comfy bed and lots of affection, and he's happy. Words can't describe how much we love Whiskers. We can't wait to send this lovable guy to a home where he can have all the love he wants. I...
It s been said that Valentino, the cinema idol of the l920 s could make women swoon at just the sight of him. While we can t guarantee that you ll swoon at the sight of our Valentino, we think he ll get your attention by just being the gentle, loveable cat he is. Big, attractive and waiting for love, that s our Valentino. To fill out an adoption form for this cat, please go to http://www.petsal...
Esmerelda is a very little lady with the biggest heart. She's been with us since she was a kitten, and while she started out shy, she's grown into such an outgoing little cat. She needs some time to warm up to new people, but once she trusts you, she loves you for life. If you have a handful of treats and a heart full of love, you'll surely win Esmerelda's heart in no time. While she's happy to...
I was abandoned in a crate on the side of the road near a local veterinarian. I'm about 7 yrs old and LOVES hanging out and getting belly rubs. I'm not a fan of being picked up but I'm a total mush. They say I'm a bit overweight so I'm on a special diet but they say I'm a good cat for someone that wants a cat that can just hang out.
Main color: White Second color: Grey Age: one years 0 mnths 0wks
Main color: Grey Tabby Age: 0 years 0 mons 12wks
Main color: Grey Tabby Age: 0 years 0 months 12wks
Main color: Black Second color: White Age: 0 yrs 5 mons 1wks
On Election Day, three lil girls and one lil boy came to us to grow up a bit and get ready to get elected to fill your life with their love. Sandra, Jeannette, Frances, and Thurgood are ready to take on the roles they were chosen for: providers of love and laughs in your home. Their pure kitten antics will insure you have chosen the right candidate to make you smile. Sandra and her brother Thur...
Lovable Mary Jane is ready to pick herself up and head on out to your place! While she is become comfortable with us, she knows there's someone special out there that will love her for who she is and adore her accordingly. Have you been looking for a adorable girl to call your own? Mary Jane just might be the girl for you. Come meet her and let's make this a happy match up! To fill out an adopt...
Shy little Cayenne has been through so much. She was rescued from a hoarder with 50 other cats in 2015. So many of her friends have been adopted, but she still isn t quite sure about people. She loves to relax on the catio or nap on the couch with her cat friends, but she usually hides when there are people in the room. She isn t too comfortable with being petted just yet, but we re working wit...
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